National Forest Inventory (NFI)

National Forest Inventories are expensive undertakings and thus require efficient methodologies for data acquisition, processing and compilation, and interpretation of the results. Because field assessments are the most time consuming, work-intensive and costly components of NFIs, the search for increased efficiency particularly with regard to reducing field operations is an essential first steps towards cost-effective NFI implementation.

With this end in mind, the ANRICA offers a novel approach to inventory data acquisition by employing a photo-sampling technique with the new ANRICA ADAM-C System (i.e. Airborne Data Acquisition and Mapping) mounted on a Cessna light aircraft. ANRICA aims at the use of large-scale aerial images in combination with conventional field plot assessments.

The specific objectives of the ANRICA NFI system are as follows:

  • To establish preliminary relationships between forest strata (i.e. forest types and stocking conditions) which are identified on the aerial images and forest conditions recorded in the field. This will provide preliminary  estimation procedures for forest strata size (area), timber resources and above-ground biomass (volume) at desired accuracy levels;
  • The operational interpretation of aerial images (stratification and mapping) and plot measurements for ground verification;
  • To generate preliminary estimations of NFI key statistical parameters for the whole country such as mean values and variations of area and timber/biomass stocks within the various forest types and stocking strata. This forms the basis for the design of a statistical sound and cost-effective NFI system; and
  • To provide a sound information base on the costs of a NFI system with aerial photography and ground verification