Our Work

Forest Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV)

  • Climate change cooperation by establishment of a national forest inventory and monitoring system
  • Building REDD+ monitoring  capacities
  • Providing technical support in all fields of forest monitoring and inventory work
  • Cutting edge remote sensing technology and high sophisticated statistical sampling methodology for forest biomass and carbon inventory and monitoring


  • Development of a legal and policy framework by applying a broad intersectoral, iterative and holistic approach
  • Establishing institutionalization of consensus and cooperation
  • Implementation of a holistic, flexible, adaptive and integrated land use planning processes

Capacity Building

  • Human resource development and education
  • Organizational development (e.g. Universities, Schools, Research)
  • Institutional and legal framework development

Technical support

  • Renewable energy technology
  • Environmental technology
  • Protection against natural hazards
  • Land Inventory for land use planning
  • Wood processing industry and wood supply